Cara Camicia

CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Dynamics specialist, Cofounder

I spent many years feeling unsettled and anxious, and lacking a general sense of purpose. I had a feeling that something was missing and couldn’t figure out what, on my own or through therapy. I knew I needed to get an additional kind of help, so I decided to work with coaches. They helped me heal old wounds, reconnect to myself, find my passion, and start living a more conscious and empowered life.

As I made progress through my coaching journey, things started to change. I became clearer about my values and beliefs – how some helped while others limited me and my sense of fulfillment. I developed a vision of what I want in life, and I started trusting myself more. And for the first time in my life, I understood how it felt to feel fulfilled.

Being on the other side now, I know firsthand that it’s possible to think, feel, and act differently. It is possible to create the life you want. My experience has motivated me to inspire others, and help them make big shifts in their lives, in ways they can’t even imagine yet.

Whatever your goals are, whatever changes you’re trying to make, I know it can be tough doing it alone. I am here to support and guide your personal journey, acting as a thought partner, a cheerleader, and a teammate.